Effective Workouts While At Work

People will spend a majority of the day sitting at a desk. To make the most of this time, it is possible to perform workouts while at work. Staying fit is very important to health. When a person participates in exercise, energy levels will be heightened and mood will be boosted as well. Sitting sedentary all day can lead to fatigue. After exercise, energy is likely to increase. Physical activity also helps a person get a better attitude. Exercise releases endorphins which can eliminate stress. Here is a look at exercise you can do at work along with ways to increase overall office fitness.

At Work Workouts Without Leaving The Desk

The human body is not meant to stay in the sitting position all day. To alleviate distress, desk exercise is important. Some exercise can be done without anyone else knowing that it is being performed. For example, a person can do a shoulder stretch to eliminate a sore upper back. While feet are on the floor, one arm is crossed over the chest and the other arm is crossed in reverse, as if a person is giving a personal hug. After, the arms are let loose at each side while shoulders are rolled back and forth. This will add flexibility and relax the neck and shoulders.

Another workout to do at work may involve abdominal crunches. A person sits at the edge of the seat while leaning back from the waist with back straight. A person holds the seat with both hands while lifting both legs with knees bent and keeping ab muscles tight. Legs are then straightened with heels a few inches from the ground.

Health Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

Besides exercise, there are ways to stay fit at work. A growing trend in many offices is the use of standing desks. These pieces of furniture offer various benefits. Health will increase as metabolic function is restored. The body must move in order to maintain muscles and proper digestion. When a person stands, the body has the opportunity to flex and receive adequate blood circulation. In turn, blood sugar will be in balance and blood pressure will drop. When a person sits all day, there is a high risk of developing health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or blood clots. This is why a standing desk will be so beneficial.

Fitness Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Working at a standing desk will help a person burn more calories. It has been shown that when a person works at a standing desk, a third more calories will be burned each day. It is estimated that a person can burn up to 50 calories more each hour when standing instead of sitting. This will be a significant part of a weight loss plan.

When a person sits all day, the chest and abdomen compress because of slouching. Using a standing desk will keep back muscles moving and the spine in better alignment. Standing also helps keep a person more focused on the job. It keeps energy high, blood circulating, and metabolism burning. This keeps a person more alert throughout the day without the normal afternoon slump.

How To Transition To A Standing Desk

Many people are used to working while sitting at a desk. There are certain ways to make an easy transition to a standing desk. To begin, a person can begin to take standing breaks at certain times of day to get used to the feeling of being in this position. After practicing for longer periods, it may be wise to reverse the action and take sitting breaks instead. Since the hardest part of this routine will be dealing with leg or foot discomfort, it will be smart to wear comfortable shoes and use a padded mat under the feet.

The desks tend to come with a high price tag. If an adjustable desk is too much money, there are other ways around the problem. It may be easier to buy a less expensive stand that raises the computer. If this does not offer enough space, shelves can be placed on the regular desk. The best place for the computer is at chest level. This will make it easy to stare straight at a monitor without straining the neck.

Office fitness is essential to maintaining good health. There are certain exercises that can be done at a traditional desk. A new trend in office furniture which extends this level of fitness at work is a standing desk. A standing desk improves posture, mood, productivity, and focus. Even though it is a bit costly, it will be worth the expense by promoting positive overall health.