Benefits of Working Out At Work

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented. Regular exercise is known to boost the immune system and energy levels, help a person sleep better at night and keep a person fit and toned.

At work workouts do not take the place of regular exercise but are very beneficial nonetheless. Following is an outline of why it is a good idea to regularly take a five to ten minute exercise break while on the job, along with some workout ideas a person may want to try out.

Health Benefits

Doctors note that the benefits of exercise are cumulative. For example, a person who works from nine to five but spends five minutes every two hours doing desk exercise will have gotten a twenty minute workout over the course of the day.

The human body was not made to sit at a desk for eight to twelve hours straight. A person who does not take exercise breaks at work will be susceptible to backaches, neck pains, carpal tunnel syndrome and other health problems related to not allowing the muscles to stretch and flex sufficiently.

Staring at a computer screen non-stop is also very hard on a person’s eyes. Office fitness breaks allow an individual to look around and give the eyes a rest, thus preventing eye problems that can be costly and difficult to treat. Because the eyes use up a quarter of the body’s energy, relaxing the eyes while doing an at work workout can boost a person’s energy levels, giving him or her new vitality.

Fitness Benefits

A person who needs to lose a significant amount of weight will need more than an at work workout regimen. However, doing workouts while at work can help a person stay fit and in shape. There are at work workouts that provide cardiovascular exercise along with other workouts that strengthen and tone the abs, arms, legs and chest muscles. These workouts do not take long to do and the cumulative effects are noticeable.

Furthermore, taking workout breaks while at works keeps the body supple and flexible. As was noted above, many office workers have muscle problems and pains due to lack of movement; these problems often make it difficult or impossible for a person to work out even after having finished work. At work workouts can enable a person to do even more exercise after having finished his or her workday.

Exercise You Can do at Work

Some office exercises require a person to buy exercise equipment to use at the office while other exercises simply involve stretching, walking and other activities that are done without exercise equipment. Those who want more than just short exercise breaks may want to invest in an exercise ball or even TreKDesk Treadmill Desk that allows the user to walk as he or she does computer work. A person who wants to tone the arm and/or leg muscles should consider investing in small weights and lift these along with doing various stretches.

On the other hand, those who want a simple workout to do at work simply need to push the chair back against the wall and do stretches. Stretching the arms and legs help to keep the muscles supple and in shape. Standing up and doing toe touches, squats, shoulder rolls and body twists are all good ways to get exercise without having to invest in expensive exercise equipment.

Those who want a short cardiovascular workout may want to try jumping, marching or running in place. Jumping jacks are yet another good cardiovascular exercise.

How to Incorporate Exercises into Your Routine

Making exercise a part of your regular routine takes effort and self-discipline. To start with, a person may want to print a short list of the exercises that he or she would like to do each day. Doing so will prevent a person from wasting his or her exercise time trying to decide just what to do.

Next, a person should determine just how much he or she wants to exercise while at work. Some people do two minutes of stretches every hour while others do a five minute workout every two hours. After a person has decided when to work out while on the job, he or she should set the alarm for the time in question.

At work workouts offer many of the same health benefits that a regular workout regimen provides. Exercise plays a very important role in keeping the human body healthy and in shape. Even individuals who do not have the time to work out regularly can do at work workouts while on the job. These workouts can be simple or challenging, depending on a person’s preferences and needs. There are numerous exercise options to choose from, enabling even the busiest person to fit in some time to exercise on a daily basis.