An overlooked aspect of a desk riser is the chair that goes with the unit. Just because it is called a standing desk does not mean you have to stand all the time. Most stand-up desk will have a mechanic that allows you to sit or stand at the desk. When picking a chair it is important to have comfort. Almost every chair on the market does this to a degree, however, the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is actually health for you.

The balance ball was created by the leading health and fitness experts to help improve your posture and back health. The leader of the project, Dr. Randy Weinzoff, understood the health risks of normal chairs and wanted to create a chair that benefits your health. It was built around the actual ball balance routine that fitness coaches use. While sitting it will help align the spine, relieve back pain, and improve overall posture. The ball itself in the chair is removable if you feel the urge to take a break and work out while you are working. There is also an adjustable support bar, easy-glide casters, and air pump included with the chair. The chair comes in several different colors, black, blue, green, and purple. You can even get accessories like chair covers specifically made for the Gaiam Balance Ball chair as well. As if all the excellent features wasn’t enough to justify this buy, the chair is also very affordable. Along with the cheap price tag you will be saving money at the chiropractors in the future because this chair helps improve your back not harm it like other chairs!

If you are looking for a chair that works for you then look no further. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is the only one of its kind on the market that combines comfort with health benefiting qualities. This chair is the perfect addition to your standing desk riser station.

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