The scary part of working at a desk is the hidden health hazards. Blood pools and stagnates while muscles grow weak from non-use. Using a standing desk or a stability ball has the possibility of preventing a lot of fitness problems. A stand-up desk can be an ironing board or a desk specially made to be used while standing. Stability balls are often chosen over using a standing desk riser because of their ability to exercise abdominal muscles. On occasion people have confessed they will bounce on their ball, while they were working, when no one is looking.

Go Fit, TKO, and Body Solid Stability Balls are some of the more popular stability balls on They have been constructed to handle 2000 pounds and for most people have been a durable investment. Customers loved how they felt when they used the balls. TKO was the least expensive of the three brands, while Go Fit had high ratings based on hundreds of five stars from happy customers. All three had basically the same complaints; the pump was difficult to use, making it hard to inflate the ball properly. The only good point on the pumps was how Body Solid Stability Balls came with two different size tips. The two sizes made it usable for other size balls. All three did have complaints about the ball bursting. Keep in mind, one customer did say that she had the Go Fit ball for several years of hard use before hers blew a seam.

Over all, people were happy with their stability balls. They chose to use them instead of a desk riser because of the versatility of using them as a chair or a tool for exercise. If a person is confined to a desk, then consider using a different approach to keeping healthy and working.

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