Sometimes you run across one of those “why didn’t I think of that” items. When you do, of course, you snap it up even as you kick yourself for not making yourself into a millionaire by thinking of it first. The Lifespan Premium Treadmill Computer Desk is one of those ideas. The plan is to combine two distinct types of equipment into a single multi-functional piece of furniture that allows one to accomplish that nirvana of all office workers: multi-tasking.

In this particular case, the two tasks to accomplish are to bang away at your computer workstation while simultaneously burning off calories through the use of a treadmill. It’s a lot like watching TV while working out at the gym, but you get to pick the channel and surf the web instead of having to gape at CNN for an hour just because that’s what everybody else wants to watch.

The Lifespan Treadmill is great for getting after it in the morning. You can sip your coffee and plow through the morning e-mail while getting the blood flowing inside your brain. Or you can set it up at the office and look out over the city even as you check your portfolio and get your cardio in. Unlike some other products that I’ve seen since I found this one, I wouldn’t hesitate to put my engineering laptop up on the desk riser. It’s a solid piece of steel that isn’t going to keel over if you put too much weight on it.

Nor do you have to use it as a treadmill all the time. You can switch off and use it like a Victorian-style stand-up desk. It’s very intimidating, by the way, to have office meetings where everyone else slouches in chairs while you speed walk along behind your standing desk riser. It makes you look like the biggest go-getter on the planet and definitely puts your couch-potato audience on the defensive. I can seriously picture Donald Trump using one of these things right before he yells: “you’re fired!”

In any case, the combination of a standing desk and a treadmill is a real space saver and the quality is absolutely top drawer. It sets up easily and has the perfect design for all of my electronic gadgetry as well as plenty of extra space for note taking and doodling.

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